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Biography[ edit ] Touré was born in in the village of Kanau, on the banks of the Niger River in Gourma-Rharous Cercle in the northwestern Malian hogyan fogyott le corey harrison of Tombouctou.

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His family belonged to the Arma community and moved to the nearby village of Niafunké when he was still an infant. His nickname, "Farka", chosen by his parents, means " donkey ", an animal admired for its tenacity and stubbornness: "Let me make one thing clear.

I'm the donkey that nobody climbs on!

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He usually sang in one of several African languagesmostly SonghayFulfuldeTamasheq or Bambara [7] as on his breakthrough album, Ali Farka Touréwhich established his reputation in the world music community.

He reappeared in with the release of Niafunkéa more traditional album focusing on African rhythms and beats. Touré was the mentor and uncle of popular Malian musician Afel Bocoum [ citation needed ].

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Some of Touré's songs and tunes have been used in different programmes, films and documentaries. Toure and Harris also appeared together in Martin Scorsese 's documentary film Feel Like Going Home, [11] which traced the roots of blues back to its genesis in West Africa.

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The film was narrated by Harris and features Ali's performances on guitar and njarka. In Touré became mayor of Niafunké and spent his own money grading the roads, putting in sewer canals and fuelling a generator that provided the impoverished town with electricity.

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It was received with wide acclaim by professionals and fans alike and has been nominated for a Grammy Award in the category "Best Contemporary World Music Album". His record label, World Circuit, said that he had recorded several tracks with his son, Vieux Farka Touréfor Vieux's debut album which was released in late [ citation needed ]. The song is a collaboration between Touré and Ry Cooder ; the song is featured on their Talking Timbuktu album.

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The cover of the album "Djitoumou" from which this title comes seems to have inspired the scene of the film in which we can hear "Bèrèbèrè", in the heart of a lively market.

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